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At our 1999 show on November 20 & 21, the following cats were honored as "The Best of the Best". This means that after tallying all points scored at the show, these cats were the three best cats in each class.
I wish we could have gotten pictures of all of the cats, but some of the people had to leave before the Best of the Best was presented.

The club would like to thank judges Bobbie Tullo and Pat Harding for doing our presentation.

Best: 2nd: 3rd:
Best Kit
click for closeup
Fanfayre's Razzle Dazzle,
Brown classic torbie Persian,
owned by Ronnieellen Fischler
Berryhille's Minnieme,
Brown classic torbie Exotic Shorthair,
owned by Elizabeth & Mary Lynn Krause
Hunterdonhall Zannydo,
Brown spotted tabby Bengal,
owned by Jane Tennyson Lee

Best: 2nd: 3rd:
Best Cat
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Kitty Charm Snowden of Purrsession,
White Persian,
owned by Pat/Ernie Marengo
2nd Best Cat
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Peaceful Paws Frost Line of Hi-me,
Blue lynx point Himalayan,
owned by Chris Shainline/D. Caplan
Medieval Magician Merlin,
Brown mackeral tabby American Curl Longhair,
owned by Connie Harvey

Best: 2nd: 3rd:
Best Alter
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Minusdetails Nash Bridges,
Black & white Cymric,
owned by Linda Swierczynski
2nd best Alter
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Willowplace Domperion of Sirbentley,
Silver classic tabby Maine Coon,
owned by Elaine/Ernie Adickes
Walnuthollow's Betty Davis Eyes,
Silver classic tabby American Shorthair,
owned by Don Silver

Best: 2nd: 3rd:
Best HHP Kit
click for closeup
Jadzia Dax,
Blue & white,
owned by Gail Dolan
2nd best HHP kit
click for closeup
LWC Lucy,
White,owned by Linda Swierczynski
La Vida Loca,
Blue tortie & white,
owned by Catherine/Jonathan Gargill

Best: 2nd: 3rd:
Best HHP
click for closeup
Press My Luck,
Red mackeral tabby & white,
owned by Linda Swierczynski
Dust Bunnie,
owned by Cathering/Jonathan Gargill
Peaches Creampuff,
Blue Tortie,
owned by Viola D. Wetreich

Best: 2nd: 3rd:
Best NBC
click for closeup
Abyroad's Samson,
Blue Silver Somali,
owned by Patricia Price
Denimar's Peaches,
Blue tortie British Longhair,
owner: Alice/Joseph/Doane/Kim Huemmer
Roseglen's Atchet Renenet,
Sorrel Silver Abyssinian,
owned by Kathy/David Parrish

And a very special award:

Jake's Golden Oldie award,
in honor of SGC CittyKat's Jake of Foxlair, a Ruddy Abyssinian owned by the Fox family, and presented to the oldest cat in the show: Sushi,
a Sealpoint Siamese,
owned by Sherri Lynn Scales
sushi, sealpoint siamese
click for closeup

Click here for another picture
of Sushi.

Do you want to see the Best of the Best winners from the 2000 show?

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